Greetings to my friends, colleagues, customers, and prospective customers!!

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For those who may be new to my arrangements, I would like to share my story. Since my retirement from band directing, I have had time to take advantage of a musical talent which I have enjoyed since high school days, that of arranging music. Studying and teaching arranging at the college/university level further developed my attraction to the art. More specifically, I have been attracted to what is known as British Light Music, compositions originally written for orchestras from the late 19th century, through the 20th century and to today. The reason for me is that it relates well to the historical development of instrumental music, it incorporates some of the best-known composers to which students of music should experience, and its primary defining tenets focus on melody, orchestration, duration, and audience appeal.

Several years ago I became attracted to the compositions of British composer John Rutter. Much of his music is for choirs, yet his orchestrations are so beautifully constructed that his music is capable of telling a story even without words. So I developed a way to offer his music to bands that could be performed either with or without voices. Throughout my teaching career I have tried to include performances with combined bands and choruses: to me, it gives both performers and audiences a wide musical expression, plus it has the potential of doubling the size of the audience! Yet I believe John Rutter’s compositions (and others as well) offer a musical experience that should be available to concert bands.

I owe so much to British composer Philip Lane, whose music is also included in my catalogue, and to Oxford University Press, who has named a ‘Licensed edition publishing partner’.

My arrangements are available to download directly from this website to the purchaser’s computer. They are also available to purchase in print from J. W. Pepper, Midwest Sheet Music, and several other distributors throughout the world. The website has been designed to make it easy to navigate and find exactly what you are looking for, whether alphabetized by title, by composer, by genre, Christmas and seasonal music, or solos with band.

I am including an article published in a British magazine describing some of the benefits related to the electronic distribution of published music.

Thank you for spending some of your time and allowing me to share my passion and legacy with you.

Musically yours,

Paul Noble