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  1. Feel the Spirit
    John Rutter / arr. Paul Noble
    Concert/Wind Band and Chorus or Band alone
  2. Distant Land
    John Rutter / arr. Paul Noble
    Concert/Wind Band and Chorus or Band alone
  3. Gloria
    John Rutter / arr. Paul Noble
    Concert/Wind Band and Chorus or Band Alone
  4. Angels’ Carol
    John Rutter / arr. Paul Noble
    Combined Concert Band and Chorus or Band alone
  5. Prelude and Fugue (The Spitfire)
    William Walton / arr. Paul Noble
    Concert/Wind Band


  1. Pomp and Circumstance, March. No. 5 – Edward Elgar/Paul Noble
  2. Stag’s Leap
    Gareth Glyn/Paul Noble
  3. Pomp and Circumstance, March No. 1 – Edward Elgar/Paul Noble
  4. The Empire March
    Edward Elgar/Paul Noble
  5. The Coronation March (1911)
    Edward Elgar/Tom Higgins/Noble
  6. The Crown of India March
    Edward Elgar/Paul Noble
  7. Polonia
    Edward Elgar/Paul Noble
  8. Granada Prelude
    William Walton/Paul Noble
  9. An Elgar Diptych
    Edward Elgar/Paul Noble
  10. Imperial March
    Edward Elgar/Paul Noble
  11. Meditation, from The Light of Life
    Edward Elgar/Paul Noble
  12. Froissart Concert Overture
    Edward Elgar/Paul Noble
  13. The Wand of Youth, No. 2 – March
    Edward Elgar/Paul Noble
  14. The Perfect Fool
    Gustav Holst/Paul Noble
  15. Cockaigne Overture
    Edward Elgar/Paul Noble
  16. The Wand of Youth, No. 1 (7 mvmts)
    Edward Elgar/Paul Noble
  17. Home is a Special Kind of Feeling
    John Rutter/Paul Noble
  18. I Believe in Springtime
    John Rutter/arr. Paul Noble
  19. Cariad
    Gareth Glyn / arr. Paul Noble


Many music directors have had questions about how to conduct a large ensemble during this pandemic. I have asked for ideas that I may post on this website. I am especially pleased to have the response of Dr. Tim Robblee, Conductor, Shenandoah Conservatory Wind Ensemble, Winchester, VA. He has submitted three significant files with research directed especially for wind instrument players, and those related to rehearsal procedures. Also Dr. Paul W. Popiel, Band Director at the Univ. of Kansas has provided a link to their program during the pandemic. I believe it would be well worth your time to read these documents and see how they might be useful to all programs around the world. Please click on the link:


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Our goal has been to make it easy for you to find exactly what music you may want to consider, whether searching by title, or by composer, grade of difficulty, genre, arrangements that include optional chorus, or whatever might come to mind.

Paul Noble on Smith Mountain LakeWhen you click on the title, you can see a full description, listen to the complete recording, and view a page of score to give you an idea about instrumentation requirements, etc.

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The music is in high resolution, and contains the conductor’s score (sometimes a second score is included which may be printed on 11” x 17” paper for easier reading), and one of each instrumental part, which you my duplicate as needed for the number of people in your ensemble.

Please note that arrangements written for combined band and chorus have the choral parts shown in the conductor’s score as reference, but the individual parts are not included in the download. The choral parts may be purchased separately as needed from a local music store or a distributor.

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Edward Elgar

If you have been following my website, you have seen a number of recent arrangements of music by Edward Elgar. There are several of his compositions that are familiar to bands around the world. But there are also a number of his compositions that have been less known, and for the most part, first time arrangements for the Concert/Wind Band. I invite anyone who is interested in this music to spend some time listening to Meditation from The Light of Life, Froissart Concert Overture, Cockaigne Overture, The Wand of Youth, No. 1 in seven movements, and The Wand of Youth, No. 2, March. Fans of Edward Elgar will enjoy the rich melodies and dramatic dynamics for which he is so well known. And for me, the delight is that there is more to come! Thanks for listening.

Cockaigne Overture

I am so pleased to offer a new arrangement of one of Edward Elgar’s most popular compositions, the Cockaigne Overture.  It is a very descriptive piece with the subtitle “In London Town”, filled with Elgar’s beautiful melodies, moments of tenderness, humor, grandeur, and enormous climax with optional organ. My hope is that this piece will take its place in the band world alongside of the Walton great pieces – Crown Imperial, Orb and Sceptre, Prelude and Fugue (The Spitfire), and numerous others.  Please take the time to give it a listen, and perhaps an outstanding band will give this arrangement a recording for all to hear!

In the meantime, the several titles that were offered at no cost during the COVID-19 pandemic have expired, but at a later date may be extended as we see how long this isolation will last.

Stay tuned, and keep in touch!

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Arrangements are offered in two ways: as instant downloads from this website, or through J. W. Pepper, Midwest Sheet Music, Accordi Music in Europe, Studio Music in the UK and beyond, and others in print form.
Special Customer Needs supplied freely upon request
Combined Band/Chorus arrangements written to function well with Band alone
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Arrangements at no cost are occasionally offered, just to say ‘thanks’ to our worldwide customer base
New arrangements added frequently, some in response to customer requests
Credibility and acceptance offered through the close association with Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, founded in 1478
Prof. Stephen W. Pratt, Conductor
Indiana University Wind Ensemble
Jos Cuppens, Conductor
Koninklijke harmonie Sint Cecilia — Kuringen, Belgium
Randy Sundell, Director
Vernon Hills High School, Vernon Hills, IL
Keith Allen, Director
Birmingham Symphonic Winds, Birmingham, UK
Paolo Facincani, Director
Accademia Musicale Dodekachordon, Verona, Italy
Dr. Bruce Moss, Conductor
Bowling Green State University Band
Ray Cramer, Conductor
Musashino Academia Musicae Wind Ensemble, Tokyo, Japan
Bart Deckers, Conductor
LBM Youth Orchestra — Limburg, The Netherlands
Jos Cuppens, Conductor
Koninklijke harmonie Sint Cecilia — Kuringen, Belgium
Diogo Carvalho, Conductor
Banda Nossa Senhora de Lua São — Miguel Island, Azores
Niki Wuthrich, Director
Stadtmusik Zurich and Akademischer Chor — Zurich, Switzerland
Rich Shelton, Conductor
Arizona Winds
Bramwell Tovey, Guest Conductor
U. S. Marine Band, Washington, D.C. - Orb and Sceptre
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Three Composers Speak Out

Thank you for all you are doing to bring my work to different performers and different audiences.”

— John Rutter, Huntingdon, UK

Dr. Noble has shown great interest in my music which I am very humbled by. His reputation in the world of concert bands is legion and I cannot think of anyone I would rather entrust my music to in the matter of arranging for the medium. I am very grateful that he has taken on this task and in so doing introduced my music to a totally new body of music makers.”

— Philip Lane, Cheltenham, UK

Fel un sy â rhai o’i weithiau wedi cael eu trefnu gan Dr Noble, mi fedra i dystio bod ei waith yn rhyfeddol o effeithiol yn ogystal â bod yn gwbl ffyddlon i’r gwreiddiol.  Rydw i’n llwyr argymell Bandmusicpdf.net ar gyfer bandiau o bob safon, all fod yn sicr y byddan nhw’n cael gwasanaeth o’r radd ucha.

“As one who has had some of his music arranged by Dr Noble, I can attest that his work is wonderfully effective as well as being completely faithful to the original. I have no hesitation in recommending Bandmusicpdf.net for bands of all standards, who can be assured that they will receive service of the highest quality.”

— Gareth Glyn, Anglesey, Wales

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