Downloading the sheet music and printing as many copies as needed is the next step forward in developing the legacy of the modern wind band, helping to establish an immediate and personal link with the independent publisher, and Lambeth Wind Orchestra is proud to be associated with that effort.

The quality of the pieces is superb, presented to a professional printing house standard and makes my job easy as the band director in rehearsal and on the concert platform.

“Overture on French Carols” – – The rustic melodies are treated refreshingly well throughout each section of the band with scrumptious harmonies and constantly shifting textures ensuring that the audience isn’t bombarded by sound; the closing stages see all the musical strands weaved together like a neat garland with a suitably twinking finale.

“Bethlehem Down” – -Treated with sensitivity in this arrangement, the meandering tune visits every section of the band, bringing out soloists but also highlighting the inter-connectivity between all the players, making it a superb warm up piece, as well as a concert item. This is definitely going to be a Holiday favourite from now on.

We look forward to performing more works from this excellent catalogue and bringing Philip Lane’s music back into the minds of British audiences through the craft and precision of Paul Noble’s wonderful arrangements.

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