Virtual Concert Ideas

During this time of social distancing and how it might affect band performance, it may be time to think in a new way. Today, with video teleconferencing along with pdf music files, players at home can download music and perform as though they were together.   All music on this website is in a downloadable format, some of it is offered at no cost, and individual parts may be forwarded effortlessly to players at home.  Learn parts while playing along with the audio file. 

Try something that is easy: or, both of which have taken on a special meaning during this time of crisis.  They may be performed with chorus or band alone.

Try one of the several solos that are offered: for clarinet and band, or  for either solo oboe or clarinet, or both as a dialogue.

Try combining the band and choir with either of the first two easy pieces above, or .

These are a few suggestions from among many titles that have become favorites on this website.  Thank you for your support, and we welcome your feedback and idea participation during this troubling time.