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A Child’s Garden of Verses has a very special meaning for me. Bob Jager, a family friend, was visiting in our home, and my wife, Mitzi Noble, a soprano soloist, was singing to his children. Bob’s two young children became so enthralled with the music that Bob wanted to capture that moment. So he composed this piece for Mitzi, and dedicated it to his children, Kathleen and Matthew. The text is from Robert Louis Stevenson’s poems: I. Happy Thought; II. The Wind; III. The Land of Counterpane; IV. From a Railway Carriage; V. Escape at Bedtime.
Bob writes: “The ideal performance instrumentation would be one on a part. If a larger group is used the balance should be kept proportional. In a few places the terms “Solo” or “One” are used where the sonority is critical, and this should be strictly followed. Above all, the singer should never feel “forced” by the ensemble.” This work was composed in 1972, and was never published. I am pleased that Bob has allowed me now to publish it under Noble Music Publications, so that it may be available for others to perform and enjoy.
Mitzi writes: Although we did not have access at the time, the ideal performance would be with a throat mic so that the soloist is free to move around the stage and sing, as though singing and relating to children sitting on the front row. PN



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