Cityscapes 1. Big Apple

John Rutter



Product Description


“Xylophones ahoy! John Rutter’s ‘Partita’ of 1976, now ‘Cityscapes‘, is not a piece you might necessarily have expected from the renowned composer of some of the classics of contemporary sacred choral music.” Yet this is a giant of a piece that allows everyone in the ensemble to truly shine, and one which surely will become a significant addition to the repertoire of the Concert Band. With hints of Gershwin, and filled with joy, majesty, wonder, and power, it will excite your ensemble and capture your audience. The original orchestra composition was written for, and dedicated to, the London Junior Orchestra.

The band arrangement is available as a complete set of three movements, and also available with each movement separately. Movement titles are: 1. Big Apple; 2. Lost City; 3. Flower of Cities All.

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