Petite Suite de Concert (Complete)



Product Description

Petite Suite de Concert was composed in 1911 and is one of the composer’s lighter works. Cast into four contrasting movements, the suite is very appealing and showcases Coleridge-Taylor’s memorable melody writing.  It is said to be in a style somewhere between Edward Elgar and Arthur Sullivan, a delightful example of British Light Music.  The opening movement, a playful caprice, sets the scene for the rest of the suite.  The arrangement is exciting, with much full ensemble playing.  A reprise of the main theme of this movement leads into the poignant coda section that sees the opening movement conclude in a thrilling manner. Perhaps the most well-known movement of the four, Demande et Réponse opens with a graceful upper woodwind theme. The quiet dynamic and thin textures make the ensemble entry later on all the more influential. The warm sounds from the brass radiate between the luscious woodwinds. The lyrical serenade that is the third movement is full of rich textures and memorable melodies. The nuanced sway of this movement adds to its charm and dance-like roots. The perky La Tarantelle Fretillante (“wriggling”) is full of energy and life as the band works together to create a sequence of different themes. A cheeky pizzicato and upper wind theme takes over as the music begins to build up to the big climax. Crash cymbals and lower brass add to the impact of the small climaxes as the woodwinds keep bouncing around the main melody.

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