Requiem 6. The Lord is my shepherd

John Rutter



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John Rutter’s Requiem is a musical setting of parts of the Latin Requiem with added psalms and biblical verses in English, completed in 1985. This arrangement is scored for soprano, mixed choir and Concert/Wind Band. It may be performed by band alone. Five of its seven movements are based on text from the Latin Requiem Mass, while the second movement is a setting of Out of the deep (Psalm 130) and the sixth movement is an anthem The Lord is my Shepherd (Psalm 23) which Rutter had earlier written. The cello solo of the second movement is maintained, but also scored as a bassoon solo. The first movement combines the Introit and Kyrie, the third is Pie Jesu, with soprano solo. The central movement is a lively Sanctus, followed by Agnus Dei and finally Lux aeterna. In the Agnus Dei and Lux aeterna, Rutter combines the liturgical Latin text with English biblical verses. The arranger has added the tolling of the bell at the end, which can be as few or as many as may be appropriate for the occasion.

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