Resonemus Laudibus

David Willcocks



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Resonemus Laudibus is a 14th-century carol which was widely known in medieval Europe, and is still performed today.

David Willcocks’ arrangement brings a modern excitement to the piece, which would not have been out of place all those centuries ago.

The Latin text is translated:

1. Resonemus laudibus cum jocunditatibus ecclesiam fidelibus. Let us make the church resound with the joyful praises of the faithful.

Apparuit quem genuit Maria He whom Mary bore has appeared.

2. Deus fecit hominem ad suam imaginem et similitudinem. God made man in his own image and likeness.

3. Deus fecit omnia caelum, terram, maria cunctaque nascentia. God made all things, heaven, earth, the seas and all creation.

4. Ergo nostra concio in chordis et organo benedicat Domino. Therefore let our congregation praise God with strings and organ.

5. Et Deo qui venias donat et laetitias nos eidem gratias. And to God, who gives favours and happiness, we give thanks.

This arrangement represents one in the Series of Band Arrangements compatible with David Willcocks’ Carols for Choirs.

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