Suite Antique 3. Aria

John Rutter



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Suite Antique is a 1979 concertante work by John Rutter that is written for harpsichord, flute and string orchestra. Rutter composed the piece, in six movements, for a concert at which Bach’s fifth Brandenburg concerto was to be performed, and so decided to write the piece for the same ensemble. This arrangement for Concert/Wind Band and Solo Flute adheres to the original presentation, but is expanded for a full band accompaniment to the solo flute. The harpsichord is optional, being cued elsewhere, but may be performed as in the original score by either harpsichord or an electronic keyboard with a similar setting. A jazz drumset is optionally included in the fourth (jazz waltz) movement, and other percussion discretely added in other movements. It is exciting to hear earlier musical forms brought into today’s music appreciation, and this setting of a flute solo with band is especially refreshing for both soloist and band.

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