The American Rhapsody – Narration by Aaron Dworkin; Composed by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor



Product Description

Premiere Performane by the City of Fairfax Band, Dr. Robert Pouliot. Oct. 29. 2022, with narration by Aaron Dworkin

The American Rhapsody is a spoken word multimedia work telling the story of our nation through the prism of the life and words of America’s first President, George Washington. The work is set to Samuel Coleridge-Taylor’s Symphonic Variations on an African Air. The American Rhapsody is a tribute to the ideals of courage, freedom and commitment while also serving as a story of vulnerability and the progression of humanity through the great injustices which plague our history. The victories and agonies of our past not only resonate with but inform our present as our nation seeks to find a pathway toward a more unified future. This work evokes a sense of patriotic purpose while depicting the human frailty that all too often renders our valor imperfect.

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